T-Mobile Announces TVision Streaming Services Starting at $10/Month [Video]

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T-Mobile has announced three new streaming services TVision LIVE, VIBE and CHANNELS — and the TVision HUB, a new streaming device, available nationwide on November 1.
TVision is TV done right. Customers can cut the cord for as little as $10/month for entertainment channels or get live sports and news starting at just $40/month. It’s everything you love about cable and streaming services, minus the stuff you don’t, like clunky boxes, annual contracts and expensive bloated packages just to get the channels you really want. And, unlike other apps, TVision launches with a fleet of helpful humans in thousands of retail stores nationwide, online and on the phone, trained to help customers navigate the cord-cutting complexities that leave them bundle-bound. So you can cut the cord, cut the cost and cut the crap.
“People are ready for real choice and real change in home TV, maybe this year more than ever before. That’s exactly what TVision delivers… all at prices you’ll love. You can cut the cord for as little as ten dollars a month with TVision VIBE. Or if you want live news and sports, you can get it starting at just forty dollars a month with TVision LIVE. That’s TVision, and THAT is TV done right!” said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. “The Cableopoly holds TV fans hostage, bundling live news and sports into expensive packages with hundreds of other channels that people don’t want, and don’t watch. Something’s gotta change. And that’s what the Un-carrier does best — force change. Just like we changed wireless for good — today we’re going to change TV for good!”

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